WebCore and my Nest Thermostat Fan

Sure this is simple…

Building a piston in WebCore to turn the Nest Thermostat fan on to circulate air once an hour. Via the Nest itself I can set the time the fan runs to 15 minutes which is what I want. While there is a “set fan to on” option…there isn’t a set fan off option?

Set fan to circulate seems to work and I am guessing is what I really want, but I can’t seem to find a way to alter the time period it seems to default to from 30 minutes down to 15. I also of course do want it to impact any currently running cooling/heating event.

IE - I think circulate is the right way (?), but want with the fan only running 25% of the year vs. 50%.

Side question…There is also a “custom setFanMode” that maybe could help, but I’ve yet to be smart enough to find anything that tells me how to use “custom” entries in the pick list…so if there is a good link in the Wiki I would be very appreciative.

you can set the fan back to auto after 15 mins (auto will turn it off, unless the hvac system is on)

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THANKS! I was using the wrong “auto” and it was putting it in the Heat + Cool mode.