Control Nest fan model w/ ST?

(Sean Murray) #1

One of the things I miss from when I was using a Vera based system was the ability to switch the fan from always on to auto mode depending on whether I was home. I like having the fan running all the time when I’m home to circulate the air but would prefer to have it switch to auto mode when I’m away. Does anyone know if this is possible with SmartThings?

(Brian Steere) #2

It’s technically possible with the currently available Nest device types. It won’t be possible with the official integration as Nest doesn’t expose that capability through the official API.

(Sean Murray) #3

Do you know if anyone’s written a Smart App that will do this yet? I’m not nearly proficient enough to write one myself. I found one that automatically sets the mode to away but nothing that has to do with the fan.

(Brandon) #4

I haven’t seen one. I don’t normally see people wanting the fan running all the time either. Are you pulling in any fresh air in your system or just like the room temperature breeze?

(Sean Murray) #5

The fan doesn’t bring in fresh air, it just keeps the air moving throughout the house. Keeps it from feeling stuffy in the summer. If anyone have any ideas on how to set this up is be super grateful.

(Sean Murray) #6

Still hoping someone smarter than I can help me out by either writing a Smart App or showing me how to modify a current one. Would love to be able to have the fan on all the time when I’m home and on auto when I’m away.