WebCoRE and CoRE master category/subcategories

( Cosmo) #1


Currently, Core and WebCoRE subcategories fall under the “SmartApps” category on the forums.
Considering their relevance to the platform and volume of user usage, would it be possible to break them into their own standalone category?
Additionally within the new “CoRE & WebCoRE” category, then make sub categories for CoRE and WebCoRE so they can be tagged separately?

Anyone else think this would be a good idea?

(Bobby) #2

Sure, but who is doing the work? We cannot expect @JDRoberts to do it all… He is ONE! :smile:

( Cosmo) #3

I’m not sure, whoever manages the creation of forum categories.
And then migrating threads could be done by a couple of us could volunteer for that as a project, who could be granted whatever necessary forum permissions to work on the project, then return us to previous level after migration is completed.

Reason I tagged Tim was because I have no idea who manages the forum/categories.

(Tim Slagle) #4

He also doesn’t have the power to do it because he doesn’t work here :slight_smile: (Even though I would give him the power in a second if he asked… wink wink nudge nudge…)

On topic though… I am not willing to give apps their own categories right now. Mostly because if I start it for one I have to for all and then before you know it the front page is 300 categories long. Not something I want to manage or something I want our members to manage.

(Bobby) #5

Welcome back Tim…