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I think it’s time to give core its own place in the forum. It could be one sub category under smartapps. Or it could be its own category altogether. But it’s a very high percentage of the postings now, and people just don’t want to deal with threads that are 1500 post long. :wink:

My own suggestion would be to take Smartapps, which currently confuses people significantly, and add the following subcategories to it:

Smart Home Monitor
Other Marketplace Smartapps
How do I? (just rename the current “smartApp ideas” to this)

Then you can leave everything else in the existing categories.

Tagging @slagle

(Craig) #2


I’ve answered the same question at least 4 times just in the last two days, simply because people aren’t going to dig through 5800 posts to find an answer to something.

And, I’ve asked several that are unanswered and forever buried in the noise.

(Michael K) #3

Couldn’t agree more.


LMAO. Yesterday I was staring at that Core thread wondering, “WTF…why is there no Core sub-forum?”

+1 for the suggested changes.


And someone please breakup that thread when the new categories get added. There’s a lot of good info in those nearly 6k posts.

(Craig) #6

I’ll even volunteer to dig through the last two or three weeks and move my own. :slight_smile:

(Ryan) #7

I Agree!..

(Chris) #8

Yep…about time.


Good suggestion. Also would make it easier to tag and follow along with threads of interest without being overwhelming.

(Tim Slagle) #10

(Dave N) #11

Especially with “C0RE 2.0 The HTML” coming soon to a theatre near you. There will be even more posts and questions.

(Craig) #12


Are you moving posts over to it and creating new threads?

(Tim Slagle) #13

I won’t be moving posts. I just don’t have the time. But you you all can do it as you come across the different threads. :slight_smile:

(Craig) #14

That’s why I was asking… didn’t want to be stepping on back-end actions if they were going on.

(Craig) #15

How do we move our posts from Peer to a new topic?