Issue with multiple Hubs/Locations with web enabled smartapp

I’m running into an issue where I’m writing a smart app that is web enabled. I have oauth working fine and am just self publishing it to my one account with multiple hubs shared with me and multiple hubs registered under my account.

Originally I was just testing with my primary hub and all was well. After I installed and setup additional hubs and tried to grab an oauth/token I ran into issues.

I specifically selected the hub I wished to auth for, however the endpoint url, location id and token are now all the same and I can’t specifically differentiate from them.

it would make sense that the token would be the same as it’s one account doing the auth, but I expected to see different installation ID’s or uri’s.

Has anyone else experienced this?

There is a “known bug” in which if you have multiple installations of the same SmartApp, you get them all back in response to an OAuth flow, instead of just the one you were trying to activate.

Check to make sure you are or are not receiving a collection […] of JSON responses.

Definitely echo Location’s instance of the SmartApp will have a unique instance ID.

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Thanks, I’ll take a look!
it would be really nice if that’s all it was.


I had written my code to return the first in the collection, I see them all now, thanks.

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