Weather triggering lights piston executing outside of desired time frame

Desired Outcome
The goal is to have a set of lights turn on during “working hours” if the weather is overcast. I.e. less light outside from a cloudy day, then turn on the lights.


  • $twcweather - I am leveraging the $twcweather conditions and those seem to be gathering information accurately.
  • Only When - I set up a parameter to only do this during working hours during the work week (MTWRF)
  • This is executing every minute to get an update of the weather and then determine if the lights should be on

The lights randomly come on outside of the desired working hours time frame. I know I have some of the restrictions, like time, repeating in all of the If statements, but I’m simply trying to stop them from triggering outside of the desired time frame. What am I missing?

Here is the piston:

I don’t have time to troubleshoot right now, but you could try posting your topic over on webCoRE’s dedicated community website. You might get a faster response over there.

This may help you…