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Complex TIMER / IF statement

(Dave) #1

Finally made the move from CoRE to WebCoRE. (I liked the convenience of not having to find a laptop whenever I wanted to touch a piston, so I dragged my feet for 3 years… LOL). THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

That said, I have a couple questions:

  1. how does the $twcweather know your location for details? I’m currently using SmartWeather Tiles…
  2. is there an issue with WebCoRE and the MyQ API? I can’t seem to control my garage doors in WebCoRE.
  3. looking to make one of my pistons more efficient:

basic logic is:

  • every WEEKDAY open the blinds at whichever is later (6:45a or sunrise)
  • every SATURDAY open the blinds at whichever is later (7:30a or sunrise)
  • every SUNDAY open the blinds at whichever is later (8:45a or sunrise)

I was using IF’s in CoRE, and then discovered TIMER’s in WebCoRE. But WebCoRE doesn’t like IF’s nested under TIMER’s, so my script is long and repetitive.

(jkp) #2

I use MyQ Lite using an eco link tilt sensor and webcore works fine with my garage door.

(jkp) #3

You can use IF blocks within timers. A good place to check out is the webcore forum where you can find lots of example pistons. You can also post any request to build pistons and folks over there love to assist.

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(Dave) #4

Thanks for the responses and pointing me to the forum.
I did have an IF nested under the TIMER, and it displayed a warning message immediately above my nested IF statement. Maybe it was just that - a warning - and not saying that a nested IF couldn’t / shouldn’t be done. Regardless, thanks much! :slight_smile: