Weather Temp App for My Cat

I currently have a Vera and I’m trying to convert to Smartthings. I have an outdoor cat using a shelter with a heating pad that turns on and off depending on the current temperature. I’m trying to find an app (like the one I use on my Vera) that gives me current temperature from the Wunderground Weather or reporting agency. I like the system because it doesn’t need a sensor and it is accurate enough (I don’t need precise temp monitoring) to do the job.

My cat and I appreciate any help.

There is a smart weather tile you can install.Not sure if you can install from mobile app, but, you can install it from the IDE it’s called the SmartWeather Station Tile


I use a multisensor to get the local temp; but cannot find anyway to use the temp as a trigger to turn a switch on or off???

Have you tried the Virtual Thermostat smartapp?

Hey Ernie - Thanks for the great tip.

I just installed the app and am trying to figure it out. The main parameters are ‘select the desired temp’ ,and 'never go below (temp).

EDIT 1: Seems my multisensor only updates once an hour (go figure). Looking at the code for the virtual thermostat it seems I just need to enter the “desired temperature” in the “heater” mode to achieve the desired result (turn on a switch when the temp goes below 60f). Now I will wait and see.

EDIT 2: Hey it works! After waiting for the sensor to update, the switch turned on as expected.

Thanks very much for the help, I really appreciate it.


PS. For the OP, I too am switching on kitty bed heaters (four of them no less). We’re on a one acre lot with mutliple rescued cats, so this is a real time saver as compared to marching around in the rain and cold to switch heaters on and off manually. Thanks for getting the post going.

Unless I’m missing something that app requires a sensor. But thanks anyway Kevin.

If you have created the SmartWeather Station Tile it will show up as a sensor in Virtual Thermostat.

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the only thing you have to do is go into the preferences and set a zip code and the click the refresh button

Got it working! Thanks Kevin. Now I just want to see if I can get a controller to update it a little more often.

If you modify the SmartWeather Station Tile code to include the capability “polling” or “refresh” it would allow you to use the Pollster app. Alternatively, I use Tasker and Sharptools to poll the weather tile due to issues with Pollster dying.

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