Weather (sunset/sunrise) information

Do I need to configure anything for sunset/sunrise to work?
The weather part on my account doe not seem to update and sunset/sunrise event are alway trigger at same time.

Sent ticket to support last week, but got no answer so far.

Are you using SmartWeather Station Tile? It stopped working yesterday afternoon.

Weather station tile seems to work fine for me… But weather and sunset/sunrise never updates on the account page. I am not sure if they are connected.

Mine stopped last night, but it seems to be working again.

From support:

“Sorry for the inconvenience… We trended an incident this morning that may have been related to the issue you experienced last night. The Smart Weather Station Tile pulls data from the same resource as the sunrise/sunset periods. It looks like over the night, the cloud platform did not register either of these (e.g., weather station data or the sunrise event this morning). We should be back up and running now, and I flagged your ticket for QA, but if you are still having issues, let me know and I will follow up with the devs”

Unfortunately, still a problem for me.

The default ST weather tile device type appears to be working for me now, along with sunrise/sunset. Hope you get it sorted.