Weather station

I am about to buy a weather station Netatmo. I like the app and the information given and also the graphic. Is it possible somehow to get that information to an extra monitor. I would like to have a tablet on the wall so the rest of the family can see the weather today and also a forecast? You know what I mean?

Either run the Netatmo app on the tablet, or its widgets, should give what you want.

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Is it possible to get the information to a monitor like 24 inch?

Yes… Find an “Android TV stick” or box; usually not very expensive anymore and need not be very powerful. This will output to any HDMI monitor or TV port.

You can also run ActionTiles to view the status of your Things in any Android browser then too…

So then I can buy the Netatmo? and what more do I need the let it run on a screen.
Would be nice if the graphic could be colorful

Maybe look at screen mirroring, depending on what your run the monitor with…

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If you use an “Android TV Stick or Box” with not too old version of Android, then the Netatmo App should run just like it does on a phone. There may be alternative “weather station Apps”, but it’s best to start with the native app.

This TV box is likely overkill (at $99); but is an example of “mid-range” option.

Amazon Fire TV is cheaper, but Amazon Androids are more “locked down” and won’t have Google Play Store, etc., so harder to know if it will work well for you.

You might also consider DakBoard; sold as a monthly subscription and it is Linux (Raspberry Pi) based instead of Android. Quite a powerful display-builder software.

Thank’s for the information. I already have the DakBoard the only thing is that it looks like you can not get in the Dakboard in the ST.
Well…I have to think about it agaiin:)