Weather Station reliability?

I have a couple of routines using sunrise/sunset to set mode to Morning and Night.

Just discovered that the routines weren’t running, checked Weather Station event list in IDE and there were no events. I clicked the “Update” link next to the Weather Station in the smartapp list in IDE, but wondering if this is “normal” and weather station just isn’t reliable enough.

Should I use something else to set my Morning/Night modes, or ? Don’t want to set Morning/Night mode based on a specific time, as that obviously won’t match up w/Sunrise/Sunset as the seasons change.



Since I did the “update” earlier today in the IDE my sunset routine fired appropriately and my mode changed to night, so things appear to be working now.

I’ll monitor and report if I see this happen again. Good to hear you’ve never seen this issue, hopefully won’t recur for me.