Sunrise and sunset routines not running

Is anyone having issues with time-based routines, specifically sunrise and sunset, routines running? I have them setup to arm and disarm my Arlo cameras. They were working consistently for a week or so, then intermittently, and then stopped all together. Looking through the activity log, I don’t any indication of a problem but I also don’t seem them running at all. Any idea on how to troubleshoot this?


Yes. Just open them and click done should work. Known issue (IMO) after a hub update.

I’ve tried that a few times, but I’ll do it again to be sure.

As @bridaus said, or if you are in IDE, go to location, scroll down to Smartapps. Click on the link, then click update on each Hello Home and/or Smart Lighting.

That did it, thank you both!

Well it worked for a day or so. Neither has worked in a few weeks now and I’ve updated each a few times. Is this a known ongoing issue?


A cause of Sunrise/Sunset events not running could be that the “Weather Station” Smart App has stopped running. Weather Station is what figures out what time to fire sunrise/sunset events. If you go into the events list for Weather Station you can see if it has been running recently (you will see Sunrise/Sunset Handler executions). If they are not there try updating the “Weather Station” app.

I took a look at the Weather Station app events and it does appear to be firing a sunriseHandler every morning and a sunsetHandler every evening.

And then there is the issue of miscommunication between cloud and hub, assuming there is a v2 involved. @dlaporte what did support say?

Looks like this happened to me this morning. What sucks is no way of me knowing until its late because I dont have anything happening in the morning except setting mode to home. :frowning:

Where should I look for a WeatherStation Smart App? Not on my phone, never has been as far as I know…

Login to the IDE (, choose Locations, and then select SmartApps from the table that is displayed.

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Thank you! Everything here looks OK, handler has been running, knows we have “fallen back” to PST, etc.

So my next step will be to delete & recreate the routines I suppose. :frowning: Really having a great many problems with this technology lately, between Google Home & Smartthings.

Definitely still more trouble than benefit, and not reliable. Unfortunately we have a few lights without wired switches, very inconvenient when Internet is down or Google & Smartthings stop talking!

I’m having problems with the Sunrise/Sunset routines as well. I logged in and looked at WeatherStation and it’s showing that everything should work but the last time it shows that it executed was November 15th. No idea why it stopped. It’s been working for nearly a year.