Sunrise and sunset routines not running


(Dlaporte) #1

Is anyone having issues with time-based routines, specifically sunrise and sunset, routines running? I have them setup to arm and disarm my Arlo cameras. They were working consistently for a week or so, then intermittently, and then stopped all together. Looking through the activity log, I don’t any indication of a problem but I also don’t seem them running at all. Any idea on how to troubleshoot this?


(Brian) #2

Yes. Just open them and click done should work. Known issue (IMO) after a hub update.

(Dlaporte) #3

I’ve tried that a few times, but I’ll do it again to be sure.

(Bobby) #4

As @bridaus said, or if you are in IDE, go to location, scroll down to Smartapps. Click on the link, then click update on each Hello Home and/or Smart Lighting.

(Dlaporte) #5

That did it, thank you both!

(Dlaporte) #6

Well it worked for a day or so. Neither has worked in a few weeks now and I’ve updated each a few times. Is this a known ongoing issue?


(vlad) #7

A cause of Sunrise/Sunset events not running could be that the “Weather Station” Smart App has stopped running. Weather Station is what figures out what time to fire sunrise/sunset events. If you go into the events list for Weather Station you can see if it has been running recently (you will see Sunrise/Sunset Handler executions). If they are not there try updating the “Weather Station” app.

(Dlaporte) #8

I took a look at the Weather Station app events and it does appear to be firing a sunriseHandler every morning and a sunsetHandler every evening.

(Bobby) #9

And then there is the issue of miscommunication between cloud and hub, assuming there is a v2 involved. @dlaporte what did support say?

(Kevin) #10

Looks like this happened to me this morning. What sucks is no way of me knowing until its late because I dont have anything happening in the morning except setting mode to home. :frowning:


Where should I look for a WeatherStation Smart App? Not on my phone, never has been as far as I know…