Weather missing from ADT hub

Earlier today I had an issue with my hub and I had to reset the entire hub and connect everything back up. I have the Smartthings ADT security hub. Ever since I did the reset, my weather is missing from the panel screen. I have Geofence turned on and my location is set to my home. Still, there is no weather screen. Any suggestions?

Try rebooting the hub (you can do so from the IDE) - that worked for me when I first set it up and I didn’t have weather showing either.

I already did reboot the hub. That’s what caused the missing weather in the first place. Also, it took me around 5hrs to reconnect all my devices and ifttt after I reset everything. Not looking forward to doing that again.

Rebooting is not the same as resetting and will not require re-adding any devices.

How do I reboot? The only info I can find is on hard reset. I looked up the IDE because I’ve never heard of it. The SmartThings site called it “integrated development environment.” I’m not even sure what that is. The only thing I can think of is the installer toolkit, but that needs a code. When I called Samsung they said they are not allowed to give that code out.

In addition to my weather not showing up, I realize the time is a few hours ahead then what it should be on the hub.

In order to access the IDE and reboot your hub, do the following (preferably from a desktop computer as the pages aren’t exactly mobile friendly):

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in with your ST credentials (at the top right)
  3. Once logged in, select “My Hubs” at the top
  4. Click the “View Utilities” link
  5. In the “Hub Commands” section, click the “Reboot Hub” link

It should be pretty obvious from the screen that your hub is rebooting at that point…

Login at <–this is the official login page.