Weather API Changes

You may be right - it’s there in the (core) BlueMix Weather API and also in the PWS version, so I guess I thought it documented for the non-PWS API.

NBD - looks like I’ll join the others moving to the AccuWeather API, since it is more complete and comprehensive.

I am new to ActionTiles. I had set up a SmartThings Smartweather tile. In the ZIP field I had supplied a “pws:number”. And it initially populated some data that was right for the time, but no longer updates. It was for the fire station at the end of the street that uses Davis hardware. I’ve come to understand by reading the thread that the data no longer updating is due to the API being shut off.
It seems like kurtsanders or a combination of you have a solution that will let you get data from an Ambient station. I used the Wunderground map and found two stations within a couple blocks that use Ambient hardware and I have the PWS numbers. Is there a way I can modify my Smartweather Tile to use data from one of the two Ambient PWSs in my neighborhood? How would I do that?

I don’t suppose there’s anyone out there who’d be willing to update the Smart Weather Tile code to implement these changes…? Mine hasn’t worked in over a week and have lots of pistons relying on the Smart Weather Tile data.

I made a DTH that includes PWS and Zip.

If you use this, you MUST put the PWS id in the PWS field AND a zipcode.

The reason for this is that some of the information is not on PWS but is on Zip. (Sunrise/set, conditions, forecast) I teamed the zip and PWS to give you the best hyper-local info we can get right now…

Edit: I had some more time to work on this today and now Dewpoint, Pressure are localized to your PWS.

For those of you with Grafana/Influx/ActionTiles the Pressure is Power and, the Voltage is Pressure.

Edit 2: Added UV Index, UV Description, and Station ID (The PWS you are using).

New code in my repo below.


The above has stopped working also the SmartWeather Station Tile has not updated since 2.4. anybody else got this problem?

Yeah I’m in the UK and my SmartWeather Station Tile hasn’t updated since the 2nd @20:28. No data received whether I have the post code filled in or not. I used it for the illuminence data so now my lighting automations are triggering when its daylight.

Any news about the smart weather tile? Not working for me, living in UK. Any ETA for when it will be fixed or any other alternative?

Lots of people posting here about the Smart Weather tile not working. Have these people raised a ticket with support?

A few things. If you have the updated Smart weather tile 2.0 you may want to change back to the default devi e handler. Then make sure you specify you or zip code.

The enhanced version failed on me a few weeks back so I switched to the standard smartthings tile. Then just a few days ago it failed again. Putting a zip code in the tile fixed it again.

Use your lat and long if you are not in the US. I am using my WU location code as well as the lat and long to get it going.

Can you share the format to use for lat/long?

latitude in decimal form comma longitude in decimal form
ie 56.2556, -117.2555

What is wrong with it? I just found that the only thing that is not refreshing is the date. I’ll fix that later today.

I don’t get any data, I’m UK based.

Probably not going to happen until they open up the API to other countries.

Just in case, Could you zip me a log of when you try to refresh the tile?

I will attempt to see if there are errors in my DTH.

Hi Tony,

Yes. The last update I got was 2019 Apr 02 Tue 2:30:54 PM
I refresh it regularly using a WebCore Piston.

Same happened here. The fix for me was to put my GPS co-ordinates in the zip-code section of the app. I got the GPS from google maps. Just remember to remove the space after the comma.

Yes this seems to work for UK users

This stopped working for me April 2, 2019. I removed the device and reinstalled it today (April 9) and it still does not work. No data is returned.