getWeatherFeature API going away. Is there a replacement planned?

I’ve been using getWeatherFeature() API and lately it has seemed unreliable. If you follow the link on the Smartthings Classic documentation to the Weather Underground API page, there’s a large banner announcing that the API is going away at the end of this month (12/18). Is a replacement available?

The Accuweather smartapp can do a fair amount of what you were getting from WeatherUnderground. I’m now using it successfully in a few Webcore pistons.

Thanks. I installed Accuweather smartapp but it’s not useful for me. I need an API I can use in my smartapp to find out how overcast it’s going to be at various points in the following day.

Hydronic heating systems have a long lag time – it takes several hours to heat up the slab in response to a bump in the called-for heat. So you have to set your desired temp the night before and let the system stabilize over night. If tomorrow is going to be sunny you want to lower the thermostat if you have a fair amount of passive solar heating, or the house will get too hot during the day. For cloudy days you want to bump it up for comfort.

I have a similar problem. I wrote a smartapp which needs current and forecast outdoor temp, humidity, and wind conditions. The getWeatherFeature API is now returning “description:this key is not valid due to exceeding rate plan”.

Has anyone found a solution?

Sorry, never mind. I found getTwcConditions and getTwcForecast.