Wave Hand, Control Lights

Sorry if not, maybe it was jdroberts, but I read somewhere about using a sensor in a box.
I want to use this idea to put some ST motion sensors at the side of my beds, in a small box, pointing upwards (at a bit of an angle to minimise false triggers).
I want it so waving the hand over it will turn the relevant bedside light on, if its off, and vice versa.
The Tasmota lights are in ST.
If possible, what would be the easiest way to accomplish this?

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Interesting application. You should be able to accomplish this by using the Smart Lights app within ST to turn the lights on when motion is detected and turn the lights off when motion is detected. You will have to make two automations using the the Only if switch option when you look under More options.


Turn the lights on with motion only if the switch is off.

Turn the lights off with motion only if the switch is on.

I have not tested this, so I’m not exactly sure it will work. My fear is that it may create a crazy loop of turning the light on and off rapidly when motion is detected. Or, because of the latency of the motion switch, you may have to wait a certain amount of time to cycle the light with motion. I would be interested to see your results.

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@Pantheon Thanks for that. I use mostly Smart Lighting for other light controls. Never noticed a switch option before. Will take a look when the sensors get here today. Was thinking it might have had to be webcore. Something I have had installed for ages witohut ever really looking at it. Will let you now how it goes, including any disco show :wink:

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Yes, I’ve been doing this for 5 years now. I mention it in the buttons FAQ.

However, in my case it’s set up so one sensor turns on the lights and a different sensor turns them off.

This works well in my situation, but isn’t the same as a gesture light switch. It’s more like a gesture scene controller.

One of the reasons we went this way is most motion sensors have a “cool down” period after motion is detected. So you can’t use one to turn a light on and use the same one to turn it off again during the cool down period, which could be as much as 3 minutes. You could get the Fibaro motion sensor which allows a lot of adjustments, but you’ll use up the battery much faster with a shorter cool down. And there’s the problem of triggering it twice when you didn’t mean to, like as you’re walking away.

So we went with a less expensive sensor with a fairly long cool down period and set it up as a scene controller. :sunglasses:


There is a zwave gesture controller from Fibaro called the swipe. @krlaframboise , who should get a medal for all the great DTHs provided to the community, has a DTH for this one.

[OBSOLETE] Fibaro Swipe

You can get the US version at Amazon for $99


And the U.K. version from Vesternet for £125.

(Remember since it’s zwave, you must get the one that matches your hub’s zwave frequency.)

I tried one, but returned it, as my hands shake a lot and I couldn’t operate it consistently. But it’s a fun gadget and practical for some use cases.

They also have my favourite home automation commercial of all time:

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Thanks. The Fibaro look great but a little pricey for what I want to pay.

I have ordered 3 of the SmartThings motion sensors (was hoping to use one each side of a double and one on a single). They have a 20-second cool down so should be great in that regards.

Amazon promised delivery today but have moved it until tomorrow. Not for the first time recently either!

Would use Alexa but she is being a right pain lately.

We can put up with each other turning the lights on in the middle of the night (they automatically dim at night, just enough to read by, so we don’t really get disturbed), but not with the screaming at out Echo’s :wink: “Ahhhh, NO there is NOT more than one device called Pauls Light!!” (actually, not even a device similarly named).

We did consider buttons on the bedside cabinets, but these would get moved too easily and be too hard to find no doubt.

I will see if I can get the motion sensors working how I want, even if it does end up meaning a dip into webcore. Now my lights are in ST I really should give it a look in any case.

Edit: If anyone is interested in the Fibaro in the Uk I just found them on Amazon for £85 (I think they are the same ones?). Still a bit rich for me ATM, but look great.

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Haha just watched the commercial. Class :slight_smile:

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If you do dip into webcore, we have an awesome community of support. Give me a shout, and I can help you with the webcore part.


@Pantheon Great, thanks very much for that. I will try Smart Lighting first but am keen to have a look at webcore too (I do code in c#, javascript and php so should pick up quickly I would hope).


Well, I think I have a test one working in webcore.
I had to make 2 pistons but think I could maybe do it in one?
I think it is best if I take it to the webcore forum, if I need more help, but in simplicity.

piston 1:
if motion sensor changes to active.
and the lights switch is not on.
then turn the light on.

piston 2:
if motion sensor changes to active.
and the lights switch is not off.
then turn the light off.

Tested on my kitchen light by swiping my hand into room quickly.
Then again 21 seconds later.
Both worked (turned on with first swipe and off after second swipe).

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I think that is essentially what the Smart Lighting is doing. However, using webcore may be somewhat slower as everything has to go through another hoop (and I am a huge webcore fan). AND, depending on your devices, everything with Smart Lighting may be running locally.


@Pantheon yes, just deleted the test pistons and set it up Smart Lighting with same result.
No noticable performance difference between either system, so thats good.
I will keep it in Smart Lighting as that is where 95% of my smart home rules are (the rest are Alexa routines).
Cannot wait to test now. I will make the boxes for them noe, as I have some strong black card and staples and glue all ready, lol, me and hobby craft don’t usually go together.

Edit: Thanks very much for putting me on right path :slight_smile:


Well this is a great success story.
Until I can find a plastic tube/box with the same dimensions I made the container from black card (black as it is the same colour as my bedside cabinets/drawers).
The dimensions are height=13cm, diameter=7cm.
I rolled the card up and slowly made several layers (to make it strong) using pva adhesive as the bond.
Added a circluar top to it, again built up using several layers with pva, with a final clean layer to make it tidy.
I was left this morning after it dried fully overnight with a very solid container.
Stuck the base of the new ST motion sensor to the inside of the container.
Used the magnet to attach the motion sensor inside of it.
I used some strong velcro tape to attach a strip to the container and the other piece to the bedside cabinet and connected them together.
This is surprisingly a very solid bond (condsidering the bond is only a few mm). It can be removed with some pressure for cleaning maintenance etc. I do not think there is much chance of any of it falling from its mount (but there is a soft carpert landing if it does).
Smart Lighting was then setup as already discussed.
It works as intended 100%.
No accidental trigers and it always tuns on/off when wanted (but of course with the 20-second “cool down” due to the motion sensor). But the light is on/off instantly with the wave of the hand.
Very happy. Two more to do now. If anyone knows of any plastic containers, preferably black, with the same dimensions (round or square) I would be grateful.


Awesome work!! I love it.


eBay has been a good place for me to buy “project boxes” which come in pretty much all shapes and sizes

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You might be able to find an inexpensive black vase that would work:

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Thanks some great suggestions for search phrases. Vases and project boxes. Already finding more than I did earlier (all I seemed to find was really big storage boxes before). Another was was plastic beaker/cup (by my other half). Not found quite the sweet spot size yet but I am confident now I will do so.

Edit. Acrylic cylinder looks promising too.

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For project boxes, try searching for “electrical project box.” :sunglasses:

Most of these are rectangles, though. You might have to find a specialty retailer to get the other shapes.

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Speaker port tube could be the very thing. need some discs to seal one end though but I saw lots of these when looking earlier.

I think I have a winner combo:

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If you want a perfectly exact shape you could also see about having something 3D printed.

If you don’t know anyone with a 3D printer, try checking local libraries or “maker” clubs.