Water thermostat that reports temp to ST


I need water thermostat (valve) that will report back temp status to smartthings so i could automatize that f.eks if temperature in room is too low the extra relle starts heat pump.
Does anybody has experience with this?

Which country are you in? Have you looked at radiator thermostats?

EU Poland. I know Netatmo, Danfoss and Honeywell. I’ve tried Danfoss but you can just set temp and it doesn’t give back temp measurements.

Check your mesh, you need may need to add a buffering device between your device and hub. It may be losing packets. Do you have access to Aeotec radiator thermostats?

You mean ZWA021? It is available but i couldn’t find DH for it

I know a couple of folks using this DTH for it. There’s a customized DTH on it’s way.

but does it reports temp back to ST?

Yes, any z-wave compliant thermostat with the right dth will report the temp

I’ve had Danfoss before and i could just adjust temp but it didnt report. Maybe beacause of DH but i will try now Aeotec.