Danfoss Zwave (Keemple branding) Heating setpoint


This is My first post. ST and “smart home” in general are new for me. I’ve mastered basics (general knowledge about the zigbee, zwave, wifi and so on).

I’ve several devices connected to ST (including Danfoss LC13 thermostats & 014G0013) - they’re working fine.
On top of that I’ve 2 z-wave thermoststs (Danfoss) branded by Keemple. The story is that Kemple Hub worked both with 014G & branded ones. After switching to ST, Keemple Thermostats working “passivelly”. They’re sending temp readings and temp which is setted up manually. Changing temp. via ST is not working.

Sorry if My question is incompleate or below standards of this community but still thank you in advance for your help.

If its any help…below copy paste from the device.

|Name|Z-Wave Thermostat|
|Label|Antresola Termostat 1|
|Type|Z-Wave Thermostat|
|Device Network Id|17|
|Last Activity At|2020-12-10 9:50 PM CET|
|Date Created|2020-12-09 9:54 PM CET|
|Last Updated|2020-12-09 10:00 PM CET|
|Route|This Device (17) HUB|
|Metrics|* Received Messages From Device: 40

What DH are you using for the original Danfoss and what for the Keemple? They should be the same. Keemple is just rebranding (changing the logo) on the devies. If you look at their other products you can see, that the relays are Qubino (Cockpit). The KTRL devices are rebranded Broadlink devices, etc.

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Thank You for your replay.
Oryginal Danfoss had been identified automatically by ST HUB (v3) as a :

slight_smile: |Name|Danfoss LC13 Thermostat|
|Label|Salon Termostat 1|
|Type|Danfoss LC13 Thermostat|
|Device Network Id|06|
|Last Activity At|2020-12-11 9:49 PM CET|
|Date Created|2020-12-09 11:14 AM CET|
|Last Updated|2020-12-09 12:14 PM CET|
|Route|This Device (06) HUB|
|Metrics|* Received Messages From Device: 3563

Branded has been registered as I listed in My previous post.
I didn’t create any specific DH… should I?:slight_smile:

Change the Keemple one to the DH what the Danfoss uses. It will work then…

It seemed to easy and obvious…

It worked :slight_smile:

Thank You!!!

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You are welcome! Report back later how you find them working with ST. I guess you will have no issues, but curious how opening and closing, and heat modes are working.

Keemple Thermostat and Danfoss Thermostat are not the same.
The Keemple thermostat, when connected to the Keemple HUB, also shows the current temperature (not only the set temperature).
When Keemple Thermostat is connected to ST HUB and selected, Danfoss LC13 Thermostat does not have this option, it does not support this option.
Probably necessary DH …
2021-01-06 124126

Can you explain this in details? Honestly I don’t understand what you mean.

Keemple Thermostat provides two values - heating temperature and room temperature.
Compared with Danfoss “Living Connect” the Keemple thermostat will report the room temperature as detected and calculated by the device’s temperature sensor to the Z-Wave gateway.

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I connect Keemple Thermostat to Smartthings Hub and change type to Danfoss LC13 Thermostat. Current State ‘heatingSetpoint’ is displayed, not ‘Temperature’. Keemple Thermostat supports this feature. Will try DH for POPP Radiator Thermostat Valve, I think they are identical.

Hi, aren’t you experiencing E5 errors on Danfoss Zwave and Keemple TRVs when using with smartthings official device handler?

I keep getting it lately on all my Danfoss TRVs on official device handler, while I haven’t happened before when using custom one provided by community in here. Sadly the custom one doesn’t work anymore with new smartthings app.