Water sensor transition to Edge driver?

I apologize in advance if this is a rookie question. I have a bunch of old IRIS water sensors that I removed from my hub and then re-paired to my hub again.

In the app, I see the three dots so I know that they’re using a new edge driver. And in groovy, they show as a placeholder… that all seems good.

My question is in groovy, it shows the execution location as cloud (vs being my local hub). Is that a problem? I thought everything was supposed to be executing locally on the hub under the new infrastructure, hence my question/concern.

The IDE doesn’t accurately reflect the status for devices that have transitioned. If it’s on an Edge driver, it’s running locally.

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AFAIK in the app all the devices, edge or not, have the 3 dots. You have to click on the 3 dots and then in the pop up menu if you see the word “driver” it is using an edge driver, if you don’t see the word “driver” it’s not.