After Edge installation still cloud executed?

Okay, started transferring my home to Edge drivers…

Now maybe I’m too impacient, but it shows in Groovy as cloud executed?

I started with a Qubino Outlet that works great.
Excluded it (Z-Wave)
Included it
Uses “Zigbee Switch Mc” driver
and works

Why does it show as cloud executed in Groovy? Do I need to change more?

In Groovy I see this:

|Name| metering-switch
|Label| Outlet wasmachine
|Type| placeholder
|Version| Published
|Status| ONLINE
|Group| Washok
|Last Activity At| 2022-07-17 6:14 PM CEST
|Date Created| 2022-07-17 5:45 PM CEST
|Last Updated| 2022-07-17 5:46 PM CEST
|Data| No data found for device
|Current States| No states found
|Execution Location| Cloud
|Events| List Events
|In Use By|

The IDE does not have accurate information for devices using the new architecture. See the community FAQ:

FAQ: Why does the IDE list “placeholder” for my device? Can I change that?


Fast, accurate and complete as always.

You sir are a smarthome legend! :sunglasses: