Water sensor - shutoff valves?

Well looking for advice, I bought a “new” Leaksmart valve off of Ebay. The seller had bought at Home Depot and never installed… When after 10 trips to Menards and almost calling a plumber I got it installed with no leaking.

The smartthings app with my V2 hub recognized the valve right away… The problem is that the unit doesn’t respond to commands from the app reliably… I called tech support and they had me remove it and add back in. I was able to do one command and then after that it wouldn’t respond. The blue “link” light kept flashing. The tech support told me to move my router away in case it was interfering…my hub was right above 1 floor up. I moved the router but that didn’t help. I then even moved my hub within 3 feet of the valve and it doesn’t respond…
I would love to hear others experience with the valve. Any issues? Any suggestions.
Anyone use with a Hubitat (considering…) Thanks

What device handler did it pick up? Also, does your device look like this in the IDE?

It’s almost like you have some kind of interference in your zigbee mesh. It could be anything from your wifi and zigbee channels being too close to each other, to having a USB 3.0 drive nearby your wifi or ST hub (search around here and you’ll be surprised).

If you manually turn off the valve with the buttons, does ST see that change?

Are you using the new or Classic app, or both? After you moved the hub closer, did you rejoin it so new mesh route could be established? Do you have any other Zigbee routing devices around and are they working right (check what Route says for your device in the IDE).

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thanks for the detailed response… I’m in the learning state… I did not realize the web site showed the route the device was connected to …COOL so it was connected as
which is not optimal…so instead of taking the shortest path hub in main floor laundry to valve…it went hub, then in other direction to Smarthings outlet at FR TV and then down to valve… What is good for RSI numbers ??
Anyways I unplugged the outlet at TV and rediscovered and then it went direct
I then tried it …I pressed close…it DID close but the app sayed closing and finally timed out and said open (although it was closed).
I pressed again…same thing…says closing and thinks its open
I manually opened back up
I then killed the app and was able to do a close/open/close/open all working successfully with valve changing and app accurately reflecting.
I then pulled power to cable modem, made a water sensor wet and the valve did close.
Restored internet and was able to open and close via app successfully…
So…it “SEEMS” to be working but I don’t TRUST it… This is not something that can decide to work when it wants and if I want to return to ebay seller I need to decide in the next day. How can I convince myself that it will be reliable ?
Thanks again for the prior advice…any thoughts ?

No problem, always glad to help. I assume you’re using the new app and not Classic?

I’d suspect ST way before thinking the valve has a problem.

If you are not using the Classic app, that’s ok, but I’d validate opening and closing the valve with the Classic app because it’s much faster when reporting device status. In fact, the only reason I still use the Classic app is because I trust it more than the new app for this exact reason.

When opening/closing, check the IDE for it’s state, and the physical valve for that matter, regardless of what the new app may say.

This valve has saved me from water damage twice, and has never failed. I’ve also installed these for other people, and they’re been rock solid.

I’m using the classic app (although tech support said to use the new app)…because SHM will run LOCAL whereas STHM will not.
Im so glad to hear you’ve had great luck… we had a washing machine overflow…destroying all flooring on first floor and leaked down vents and messed up basement ceiling… another time we had dishwasher flood…each of those times needed a new floor…so I’m glad to have.
I will try your recommendations…and spot check it for the next couple days…
Have you heard of anyone using the Hubitat hub with this valve ?
Thanks again!

I personally don’t know anyone there that’susing it, but doing a search in their community found a very similar post like yours, with similar recommendations with regards to your Zigbee mesh:

More here too:


So, leaksmart valve (zigbee) or leak gopher (zwave plus)? Are your devices both still working?
I have a gate valve so will require a plumber to come install a new valve.

I also want to install a flow meter at the same time, but I’m worried I don’t have room for a fortrezz and may have to go with the wifi only flume. John, can you measure your flow meter from end to end for me?

Works like a champ. I have a maintenance piston that cycles the valve once a month dead early on a Sunday morning just to make sure its not jammed and report if it doesnt work. (it’s never not worked and i can see the log where it cycles). Ive got it installed on the water softener loop as it traps the main. It doesnt cover the hose bib on the side of the garage as that intentionally bypasses ths water softener.

I use Dome sensors because of the remote sensor capabilities. This one is under the kitchen sink and the sensor lead actually sits under the dishwasher right next to the sink. I have similar installs in all bathrooms abd the laundry.

I do a wet test every 6 months and it reliably closes the valve within 90 seconds.

Talk to your plumber about the actual installation, mine we had to leave the manual hand operated valve in place ahead of the electronic valve to maintain code compliance. (manual operation is required in my jurisdiction)

I just installed a flume as a matter of fact but haven’t completed the integration to ST, as to to it correctly i need to install a proxy onnmy RPi to prevent throttling by Flume.

My two concerns are:

  1. Leaksmart has a CA 65 warning. What?
  2. Flume uses sounds to measure, is this accurate?

Oh and leaksmart has a combined flow meter shutoff kit but I don’t see any reports of people using this with smartthings?

Are those those California labels they put on darned near anything that has plastic or metal in it? :wink: Yeahhhhh whatever. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s sound or magnetism on the meter - but it’s surprisingly accurate. I did a measure on the bathtub last weekend (known volume, 25 Gal) and it nailed it. I’m sure it was off by some minor measure but it was close enough for what I need - I wanted some basic understanding of usage (check) and the ability to detect a slow leak without moisture detection which a water sensor can’t do… I couldn’t get it to detect a slow drip, but if you have anything resembling a stream it will see it. I think their software triggers on constant flow over some kind of timeout…

Will it detect a pinhole leak?

It’s hard for me to tell if the leak gopher is worth $100 more than the leaksmart, just for zwave plus over Zigbee

It’s supposed to… But I really don’t want to find out if it does. I don’t know the minimum volume / flow it can detect. But it caught me leaving my sink on a trickle…

I can’t speak to the leaksmart - but as you can see form the pic - the valve is industrial strength - that thing was HEAVY. My buddy who came over to sweat the joint for me is a master plumber - he said “Dang this is the heaviest valve I’ve ever installed.” Hyperbole or no - it’s STOUT.

This is the only zwave plus valve right? The water cop and fortrezz appear to be vanilla zwave.

Leaksmart has lead parts, hence the CA 65 warning. But since it’s just a Valve Turner, and not touching the water itself, unless you have a kid or a dog who’s going to chew on it, it shouldn’t be an issue.

The CA 65 labels do list the specific chemical you’re being warned about, but it doesn’t tell you how much of it or whether it’s something that might actually be a danger to you.

Sometimes the main purpose of the warning is just to let you know you shouldn’t just toss it in the trash when you want to get rid of it, it will count as hazardous waste because it shouldn’t be incinerated.

If you have concerns about it, contact the manufacturer to find out exactly what the risk of exposure is. Is it at the time the item is being installed? Is there a risk from daily use? Is there a risk if the item is damaged, like the dog chewing on it? Or is this a warning about disposal requirements?

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Just to clarify, neither the gofer nor the leaksmart have manual control, right? So depending on code they may not work for me as I have very little space to install multiple valves. The fortrezz seems to have it but I believe the gofer is the only zwave plus in line unit?

The Leak gopher does not have a hand turnable manual control that works when power is out… No. There are buttons on the control box to pushbutton open / closed but that does not satisfy code as to ‘manual controls’ (at least in my jurisdiction)

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Hi @mvevitsis, I’ll measure the meter’s length when I get back in town this afternoon. Based on your picture you may have to do some creative plumbing.

My leaksmart zigbee valve has also been rock solid. I like the battery backup feature too. You can manually turn the valve in the event of both mains and battery failure by removing the cover and 4 screws to expose the lever from the motor.


That may just be exactly what I need for code compliance reasons…

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