Water leak sensor recommendations in the UK

I never used these before so don’t much about them.
Was going to purchase the Aeotec one then realised it doesn’t have a built in alarm.
With edge a necessity now can anyone recommend ones that are relatively inexpensive, comes with an alarm and preferably uses aaa batteries so I can recharge them

Many thanks folks. :+1:

Frient has a Zigbee water sensor with an audible alarm that used to work with smartthings. I don’t know if there’s an edge driver for it yet, though.

Personally, I don’t use rechargeable batteries in home automation devices unless the device is specifically designed for that. You won’t get accurate low battery warnings and most manufacturers advise against using rechargeables unless it’s built into the unit. :thinking:

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Linkind also has some very inexpensive Zigbee ones. They can be hard to find in the UK, but the manufacturer site will ship there.

There’s a Community created edge driver for those if you want to talk to someone who has them:

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Thanks mate, as always.

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