Wasp in a Box Implementation - Virtual Occupancy


(Kristopher Kubicki) #1


I have created a simple “Wasp in a Box” algorithm based on the Vera implementation by Rob Collingridge

This is a context-aware algorithm for managing virtual presence sensors.

It’s currently in its infancy, but hopefully this will be a good initial release for something I can build onto more.

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(Kristopher Kubicki) #2

Updated to v0.2, which has motion perimeter sensors as well as contact sensors.

(DavidK) #3


What do you think of the following potential enhancement?

The input to this virtual presence sensor is 2 real presence sensors for added reliability and workflows, the built-in iPhone geofence and then the smartthings presence dongle.

I would rather the garage to NOT open then to open Incorrectly, middle of the night incorrectly, or no one is home and it opens on its own etc.

I want the garage door to open automatically as I arrive home, only when I arrive in the car.

Using geofence only is not good. It will trip to early before I can see the house, and it will trip if I am biking and walking.

The presence dongle alone is not good, sometimes it might trip on its own just sitting in the car in the garage.

The presence sensor can sometimes show out when it is not.

Thanks for your consideration!