Using iPhone presence to actuate Garage door with Zooz ZEN16 and tilt sensor

Hi all, my first post to the forum.

I’m trying to use iPhone presence to actuate open a garage door — if closed — upon my arrival. My setup contains:

  • SmartThings hub
  • Zooz ZEN16
  • Ecolink tilt sensor
  • My iPhone

I am able to successfully automate the door closed at a specified time. I can also use the virtual device in SmartThings (or Alexa) to open and close the door.

Trouble only begins when I set up the presence automation. “Trouble” means that any time I attempt to close the garage door — automated to a specified time, as was working before; or simply by telling the virtual switch to close it — the door will close and immediately the virtual switch tells it to open back up. Cannot keep it closed until I remove the presence automation.

Greatly appreciate any ideas! I do know how to provide logs, if that becomes needed.


add a motion detector outside so that if there is motion AND presence then open door.

This is a good idea for troubleshooting, but garage doors are slow; my “ideal” was that presence would be detected as I entered my neighborhood (that’s the range I select) and the door would be up by the time I reached my driveway.

I’m also not sure where I’d locate or orient the motion sensor. If I’m home and it detects motion of anything on the street or sidewalk, will the door open?

I do like the suggestion. I wonder about it as a permanent solution…

Are you able to figure out if the Automation is telling the garage door to open are closing it? Is it treating it like a toggle switch?

Alternatively you can use an app like this to manage your garage doors using presence sensors and timers:

Thanks a lot for the reply! I did see this as an option. I’m somewhat a newbie to adding device handlers and smart apps. I’ve done three of them so far, and they seem to be working properly, but having trouble this time.

When I saw the link you posted, I was very excited! Then it seems as though it asks for a username and password to get the code for copying/pasting. Am I going to the right site?