Washer locked after washing

I have my washer connected and started a cycle with the app. However, after the cycle, the door lock icon remains lit and the only way to open the door is to disable the smart thing connection in the washer. Is this the default behavior or am i doing things incorrectly

things have gotten a little too smart

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Probably it is the default. I have an older model. You can only turn on the SmartControl, if the door is closed, and it immediately locks it (as I can remember). If you power down the washer, it should remove the SmartControl automatically and the door lock as well. And that should happen at the end of the program as well, unless you turned on the “turn the drum after finished” function.

Anyhow, when the washer finishes a program then it should power down, and should release the door lock.
I doubt that, you keep it always on. :wink:

Otherwise, does this newer model allows remote start by Automations?

Older models doesn’t have this function. If the washer is not on, then you cannot turn on and start remotely, and it goes automatically to off if a program is not running or the buttons are not pressed for a while.
The remote start function by an automation could be used for energy saving purposes, like start the washer if surplus energy produced on the PV installation or if the electricity price is in a lower tier, etc.

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Can you please provide me with the model code for your connected Washer? I’d like to look up information specific to your model.

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Thanks @SamsungZell. I am using wd11t734dbx

Ah I notice that it does lock the door immediately too when I connect it to Smartthings. It did not however power down after the wash, which might be the reason why it remains locked.