[RELEASE] HomeSeer Flex Sensor


(Kevin) #1

This is a DTH for the HomeSeer Flex Sensor (HS-FS100-L Light Sensor and HS-FS100-W Water Sensor)

The HomeSeer Flex Sensor is a temperature sensor that allows you to attach either a light indicator sensor or a water sensor. In order for some features to work you have to set the Attached Sensor Type in the settings to the correct type.

The handler supports the “Tone” capability which has a “beep” command, but the device has to be running on USB power in order for it to work.


Included as USB Powered Device

  • If you join the device with the USB Power cable connected the device will act as a mains powered device so you won’t be able to get the battery level. When the device is joined like this it acts as a z-wave repeater.


Included as Battery Powered Device

  • If you join the device while powered by batteries it will sleep and wake up at regular intervals, but it will also behave like a always on device when it’s plugged in which makes it report faster and makes it easier to configure. The device doesn’t report the current power method so the USB icon will only be shown if the device was joined as a powered device.


Attached Sensor Type: Light Sensor (DEFAULT)

  • The light sensor is meant to monitor another device’s led and report when it turns on, off, or the color changes. It doesn’t report the light level so you have to use the Classic Mobile App to see the light status.

  • The handler creates “Button Pushed” events when the light changes so you should be able to use the button pushed events as triggers in most SmartApps by selecting the device as a button.

    • Button 1: Light Not Detected
    • Button 2: Light Detected
    • Button 3: Color Change Detected



Attached Sensor Type: Water Sensor

  • To make the device look like a water sensor in the new mobile app you have to swap the commented “ocfDeviceType” and “vid” lines in the meta section of the code.




  • The Temperature Reporting Interval setting is ignored while the device is powered by batteries.



(Eric) #2

that’s a weird one that I did not know I wanted until now.

“light indicator sensor”

(Kevin) #3

I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it…


Just installed this to monitor my alarm status by putting a sensor on the panel LED. This works instantly recognizing changes in status of the light. I am now stuck at the now what stage. Would like the LED status to toggle a virtual switch. The device does not appear to create button pressed events when it changes status. It also does not show up as an available button in ST or Core. It is an available device in Core as a “sensor” I have tried triggering the virtual switch with sensor changes to 1 or changes to 0 and neither work. Any idea how to actually use this thing to trigger events, virtual switches etc?

(Kevin) #5

Does it look like the screenshots in the first post?

If not, go into the IDE and change the device’s Type field to this handler.


This is now working. I will delete the old handler. Thanks for this!