Wanting a webhook to get notified of all events

Is there a straight forward way to have notifications sent to a web url of all events that happen at a smartthings location? I’m not a Groovy developer (or Java), (I mostly do .Net and node/JavaScript) and am not excited about learning Groovy or using the built in IDE to program with.

Exactly what I want is in the live events report (see screen shot). That is, if on each of these events a web request could be generated to my amazon aws lamda function, that is all I need.

“Straight forward”… No. It’s quite complicated

Possible? Not exactly all Events in any case.

Skip Groovy (it’s deprecated). You’ll want to try to use the new SmartThings Cloud API (still in public Beta) at Samsung Developers. But it has rate limits (which we hope are flexible) but relaying all events from all Things will be a problem.

Thanks. I tried the node cli app and keep getting a 401 (not authenticated). just doing a status command. I did set and verify the token using echo $SMARTTHINGS_CLI_TOKEN so I know it is set. I even tried giving the token every permission just in case.

Are there any other example projects I can test with?

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I hope someone responds to this Topic with more examples. I know @Jim is enthusiastic.

It’s been 8 months since SDC. I had no expectations that the use and popularity of the new API would happen super quickly; but I did hope there would be more “Community” enthusiasm by now. Myself … I’ve got other responsibilities, and I don’t think it is very for me efficient to put too much energy into a “beta” API.

But I also know that beta users are essential to get the new API ready and helpful to the development community.

I wonder: Is there perhaps activity on other Samsung forums in this area?

Activity in this SmartThings Community Forum has been dropping, rather than growing. Alexa Site ranking is just an estimate, but the data can be compared against itself. This chart doesn’t breakout “community” vs “SmartThings” as whole website though:


My guess? Just like me, folks are waiting for the dust to settle on the new API and the new SmartThings mobile App before ramping up enthusiasm.

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Anyone know if the api is broken or I’m just doing something wrong. I’d love not to learn groovy and I have a need soon.

Are there any folks listed out there that will help build simple apps with groovy to get me by?

That’s the sense I’ve been getting, as well. The enthusiasm of “the good old days” has definitely waned. And why shouldn’t it? In many respects, the developers have been shut out: no more submittal/approval process, drastically declining participation by ST staff in the forums, and the inevitable departure of community-engaged talent from the ST ranks.

Then the sudden deprecation of the development environment. And the introduction of “something better” with little to no promotion or support. It could appear ST doesn’t care what the community does with this. The bigger picture might not include nearly as much support for the formerly “open” environment. I hope I am wrong

Kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy…

Gosh. I’m feeling depressed this evening :confused:


Hi John, is this documented somewhere? We are developing an app for submission/publishing, using the groovy-api, and are not aware of any official cessation of support for app release.