Want to integrate a MIMOlite with my Central Service Alarm and ST

I’m new to both Home Automation and ST.
The system is in a vacation home.
I started last Oct installing the hub, lighting (zigbee and Z-wave), locks, and garage door control.
And then returned home. We are now back and I’m playing again.

We have a Central Service alarm in the home. When the alarm is tripped it sends 13v DC to the siren.
My plan is to tap the siren terminals and run 13v DC to the MIMOlite, to turn it on.
The MIMOlite did link up with the ST Hub on did respond to the App.
Tomorrow I plan to run the wire to the alarm and test the to see if the MIMO trips with the 13VDC output.

So far pretty straight forward and simple.

Should things go as planned and the MIMOlite trips when the alarm is tripped, I will want to then have the MIMOlite signal the ST HUB to flash the controlled house lights on and off.

I have no idea how to do this and I have never written an app for the ST Hub.
Would anyone be able to advise?



I know its late but may be you want to look at