HELP! MIMOLite and Sensors

I am desperately trying to integrate a MIMOLite into my ST Hub. Using an existing security panel that my home has i want to use the MIMO to take an alarm output, and notify me, as well as using the relay to trigger a zone with a SmartSense Motion. What I want to to do is this:

  1. MIMO is wired with power from panel, so its g2g. I need to figure out how to use the MIMO as both an INPUT from the panel (utilizing an output collector/common) and push a notification when its tripped.

2)When my motion sensor detects motion, turn the relay from NC to Open to trip the panel’s HW zone.

So this should seem easy, but i cant find code or device types to do this. Also, for some reason everything Ive tried, including the Mimo Garage door device types wont take an input signal like they should.