Want to have a Discussion for Platform Releases?

Continuing the discussion from Platform Update - Release Notes - 02/26/2015:

Thanks @ronnycarr for your suggestion. If people are interested in having a discussion about a platform release, feel free to post in uncategorized with topics “Discussion: Platform Update - (date)” , for now , or link a topic navigating to the right hand side of the post to “Reply as linked Topic” . This way, people can discuss and question about releases.

Moving forward, all threads regarding announcements of release notes will be locked.

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I understand the point made but I would actually prefer to have the comments on the release announcement thread. Not a big deal either way for me . . .

: O! Dang it.

Let’s try this for a bit and see how it works. I can always revert it ! :smile:

no worries. It seemed like you responded to one comment and made a change, Kudos for responsiveness and, maybe, what was suggested is best practice so you did the right thing. Just wanted you to know that at least one person prefers it the way it was.

It wasn’t actually just one, but something we’ve discussed previously too! :slight_smile: It happens to be the catalyst to the action.


Awesome! Thanks @April for getting this going so soon, glad I could help flip the switch!

I agree with locking the release notes, but I think the current release notes should be pinned globally. When they had comments it kept them bubbling up to the top. Without the comments I feel a lot of people will never see them.


I like the idea of locking the release notes because I can follow the entire category and get notifications on new releases without getting spammed by all of the replies. Maybe a second thread elsewhere on the forums for discussion on each release? Or just let it up to us users to post a new thread if there are questions?

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@April so where exactly do we share our thoughts on a specific release?


@Ben ,

Would it be possible to have both the status page and the platform release notes include a “devices typically affected” detail?

When I see something like “child devices” I suspect that means Phillips Hue Bridge, but I have no idea if that’s true.

It would be helpful to know where change might manifest. :wink:


Socializing the idea.