Want to Add a Lux Sensor and combine with motion reports to trigger lights

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This is my first post, so please bear with me if what I am asking is not clear or has been asked before.

I have a dedicated ST motion sensors for each room; the Kitchen (A) and Eating Area (B). I want to connect a lux sensor/motion sensor to the Family Room ©.

Can I connect the motion/lux sensor (Fibaro) in C and then have that sensor plus the ST sensors pick up the lux readings from the Fibaro and decide if the light level is low enough to turn the lights on on those area, but only if there is motion? I will not need another dedicated motion sensor in area C other than the Fibaro?

You can do this easily if you have a bit of time to figure out WebCore for ST, there is a separate forum and people willing to help get you going. It’s basically an easy programming language to write your own automations.
I have one master Lux sensor facing outside and all my house lights are controlled by the amount of light outside, time of day (mode) and motion in each room. They also brighten or dim depending on the mode (morning, day, evening and night)
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So in your setup the lux sensor is dedicated to only detect the lux level; that is you do not use that sensor for motion as well?

So there is nothing in ST natively to say go get the lux reading from that sensor and if it has a lux reading of x then turn on this light of there is motion?

There is, and I use an Automation to do that.

I have a motion sensor and a lux sensor in my kitchen. When there’s motion and a lux level is below a certain level and it’s between a certain time, my lower cabinet lights come on.

What lux sensor are you using in your setup?

This one:

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Yes you can do this in ST but I prefer full control with all the nuances.
I use an Aeotec 6 and it does lots of stuff but I only point it out the window :wink:
I would switch to the Xiaomi sensor but I have a lot of this brand (motion, moisture, buttons) but the ones further from the hub are not online reliably with my (not sleepy friendly) Zigbee repeaters :frowning:

You should try the newest ones that are zigbee 3.0. They have been rock solid and they work through any zigbee repeater. Their previous versions are a pain, but so far their newest ones work very well with ST. I have several, including the new Aqara switch.

Are you able to share the DH your are using ?

Good to know, always fighting the moisture sensors down stairs.
I’ll see if the newer Aqura moisture are 3.0 or at least keep an eye until they are.

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The xiaomi lux sensors work great for me as do the aqara temp sensors.

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