Wall switch scene controller?


Sorry for yet another topic on this subject but I am a bit overwhelmed at this point and hoping for some guidance. I have spent days reading all the threads regarding the topic and still feel really confused.

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Simply control my Lifx lights from a nice looking wall mounted switch. I don’t have a preference on if I need to remove my standard wall switch to house/ power the new scene controller or if it is battery powered.

Ideally, more direct control of the lights would be nice (ie a full range of dimming and color changing) but from what I have read, it seems more likely that I will be able to select from several pre-made scenes with the various light levels and color preset.

If I am only able to control scenes, I figure I will need: On (100%), off, 75%, 50%, 25% and maybe it would be nice to have some color temp choices.

I am reasonably technical so I don’t mind modifying some code/ scripting but I also don’t want to have a dedicated Raspberry Pi, etc.

Cost is not really relevant as I only need one or two switches and just want the best product I can get.

Equipment I currently have
After going through a lot of the threads I just decided to order a bunch of options and figure I can return what I don’t like.

  • Lights: Lifx (already own these, I like them but maybe the Hue/ Wink/ Lutron combo would have been easier :frowning: )
  • Hub: SmartThings
    (I also have a Wink2 coming but realize it does not support Lifx)
  • Switches I ordered: (as a new user I can only place 2 links in my post, so click here for a list with clickable links: https://goo.gl/7abvpU
    Lutron LZL-4B-WH-L01
    SYLVANIA Smart+ Dimming Switch
    Aeon Labs ZW130-A WallMote Quad
    Gocontrol Z-Wave 3-Way WT00Z-1
    HomeSeer HS-WS100+
    Eaton RFWC5AW

Extra Credit Notes
I also have Logitech POPs and they work but I would really like to have more scenes and would love a normal switch plate mounted solution.

Finally, I do have a Logitech Harmony Hub if that could be helpful for anything.

Would really love and appreciate any feedback on what I already ordered in terms of which switches I should focus on first because I am sure I will need to spend a lot of time on any of them. Also, if you have any recommendations that I overlooked, please let me know.

Thank you,

Didn’t I just answer this question? Oh, wait, yes I did. But for somebody else. :sunglasses:

See if this helps ( this is a clickable link)

@JDRoberts - I was literally about to edit my post to reflect finding your reply on the other thread! It does seem like the Leviton VRCS4 is probably the best choice for me (of course, the one I didn’t order yet).

Still welcome any additional thoughts and appreciate all the help!


Also, you can use your Sylvania dimming switch as a four button controller, but it will require custom code. See the following FAQ for that: