New user looking for lighting scene control

Hello All,
Just got my hub and set up a few outlet switches to test the waters before going ahead and purchasing in wall dimmers. A little bit of background on my system, I use control4 as my automation system at the house. There is an IFTTT driver that allows for incoming and outgoing commands and the control4 in wall dimmers are 4 times the price of a GE z wave dimmer. I have the communication working to be able to control my outlets from control4 but I wanted the ability to trigger lighting scenes that i set up in ST instead of a simulated switch that doesnt give me dimmable options.

Reading some forums scene machine seemed to pop up alot, but looking at the history it hasnt been updated in a while. What smartapps do you guys recommend?

Also I have not worked with github before and get this error when trying to upload scene machine from repo (Updated 0 and created 0 SmartApps (1 skipped due to errors)). Im sure it is likely user error since i am new to this.

Steps I have done:
Set up forked SmartThingsPublic repo to preserve their directory structure.
Downloaded and uploaded scene machine into the smartapps folder (This part is probably the issue but i dont really now what i am doing lol)
it shows up in the list when i try and upload from repo but errors out

I have installed others from the original forked repo to make sure it works but scene machine doesnt want to play nice.

Any help would be much appreciated