Wall Mounted Tablet with Ethernet?

Most tablets are only designed to run over Wi-Fi, not directly cabled ethernet. Using a POE cable for the power won’t change that.

Some android tablets (but not all) can do a USB to ethernet configuration, but they won’t be able to run with a POE cable. In fact, you won’t be able to charge the tablet and use ethernet at the same time.

The following company makes these kinds of adapters for schools to use, and they have a good information page:

I think there are a couple of non-surface type Windows tablets that do have an ethernet port, but to be honest I’m not sure.


Yes, there are some tablets with ethernet connections, but they are mostly older Windows devices. There are a few android ones which tend to be really big and intended for commercial wall displays and probably aren’t what you were looking for. Those are also very expensive.

Alternatively, there are some android tablets which can use their USB port with a dongle to accept an ethernet connection, but when you do that, you can’t use the same port for charging the tablet.

Why do you want to use ethernet instead of Wi-Fi, which is already wireless?

As far as good ways of mounting a wall tablet so that the wires don’t show, see the following thread. Lots of different approaches are discussed there, some with pictures. :sunglasses:

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