Wall Mounted Tablet SmartThings ActionTiles Fully Kiosk Hardware Installation Guide

Hey Guys, a lot of people pinged me in regards to my wall mounted tablet and asked how i got it installed etc. So since i wanted to add a secondary tablet in my upstairs i decided to take my time and document the entire process to help others. Please feel free to watch this video and share it to help others with this type of project. i really hope that will answer most questions. And if you guys can i would appreciate a like, subscribe or comments :slight_smile: Thank you guys. Hope it came out normal lol.


Beautiful instructional video. Thank you so much for explaining everything…even the “common sense” stuff. It makes a huge difference.


Thank you so much. That kinda made my day :slight_smile: glad you liked it. Appreciate it

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Fantastic! Good Work, looking forward for part 2. Thank you.


Hey Meir, i’m going to post the same thing here as I did on Facebook. Not to discredit the video, because I think it is a great guide, but just to make sure all bases are covered for anybody that follows this guide who may not be electrically inclined.

  1. buy wire to match the gauge of wire already in the box you’re splicing from. In the US, 12 gauge is yellow romex, 14 gauge is white. DO NOT MIX.
  2. when you attach your new wire to the existing outlet, DO NOT put two wires on one screw terminal as seen in the video. Each side is bridged on a normal outlet (non switched). So each screw terminal on each side is connected. connect one romex to the bottom set and one to the top. If there are more than 2 romex in the box then a jumper to a wire nut may be needed.

Sure. Just know I posted in a few more places if u feel the need to search them as well and post there as well.

The color coding of Romex here in the US is relatively new. Both 12 & 14AWG romex came in white, grey (non-UF), and even black jackets. I couldn’t tell by watching the video if he was a mixing gauges or not, but that’s definitely a no-no not to mention code violation.

Putting 2 wires on a singe screw is a code violation, and it’s also very dangerous as the clamping pressure may not be sufficient to hold both on together. Especially when it appears that each wire was counter-wound from the other. That receptacle should have either been re-wired to use each pair of screws, or better yet, pigtailed off of the mains coming into the box.

There was also a serious amount of bare copper sticking off the back of the receptacle. At the very least it should have been wrapped a few times with electical tape.

Not to rain on the OP’s parade as he did otherwise do a good job on the video. But it seriously should be taken down and re-shot to show legal, safe wiring practices.


Very nice work. Thanks for sharing.

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Nice video thanks for sharing.

As others have said though, the wiring would not pass code in Canada either. There are a number of violations in that setup that could cause a safety issue.

Very nice job on the tablet frame and the creative 4 nails mounting. I won’t comment on the wiring but you should take advices from @prjct92eh2 and @SteveWhite.

I made the electricity modification and many suggested. Sadly YouTube won’t allow u to upload a “new” version or modify the video once it was uploaded. So yeah, made the electricity modification but as stated in the video hire an electrician or if you feel comfortable enough. Thanks for all the comments, it’s great to see all the suggestions and comments.


Curious why you went with a hard mount instead of using the method that can take the tablet out?

I have 3 hard mount tablets. I like clean install and having a permanent location with a mounted tablet for lights and camera control is very convenient for all my family members including my 5 years old.
Mind, the mounted tablets are older Gen and too slow for other usage.

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Similar to what @Navat604 . i wanted to have it clean, wood, nice on my wall… Plus i have it running for more then a year now and hadn’t taken it out 1 time, so in my case no need for a special mount…