Wall Mount Frame For Fire HD 10


The only mount I can find for a Fire HD 10 is the Vidabox.

I’m looking for a picture frame type mount, not a cradle style.

I’d love to see some pictures of what others did with their Fire HD 10.


Have you checked the dashboard hardware thread:

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3


There are some sold for stores, but they are probably a higher cost than you were looking for:

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #5

As Terry mentioned, most of the picture frame style wall mounts are custom made.

I use a FireWall mount made by Bob Strenger from one of the SmartThings Facebook user groups. Here’s a link to Bob’s post offering the mounts for sale, but it’s a closed group so you’d have to join to see the post or PM Bob directly:

Here’s a picture of the FireWall with a Fire HD 10 mounted on my wall running the SharpTools.io dashboard. I can upload more pics of the mount if you are interested…


More pictures would be great!

Is Bob on this community? I don’t have an account with Facebook so I can’t see his page.

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #8

I’m not sure if Bob is on the group. Based on the name listed on the account, maybe @SuperBob is the right guy?

Anyway, here are some pictures of the mount from the sides so you can see the depth a bit. I think Bob has made a few flush mount recessed mounts, but that would probably be a custom request for him.

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #9

And here’s the custom flat USB cable that comes with the FireWall Bob Mount:

And for comparison, here’s what a Fire HD 8 in a Bob mount looks like next to a Wink Relay

…sorry, I didn’t have any bananas on hand at the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #10

@tuffloud1 it looks like the FireWall by Bob is available on eBay too. Here’s a link:


Thanks a lot for all your help!