Volt free remote I/O? (Integrate nonnetworked alarm)



My issue is that I have a non monitored house alarm and I want to be able to get an alert when it goes off but also be able to disarm remotely.
When the alarm is triggered it closes a volt free contact in the alarm box and I was hoping that you have a module which is similar to a digital input when closed will send a message to the controller.
Also when the alarm goes off I want to be able to switch it off remotely. There is a contact in the alarm box when closed will reset the alarm. Do you know of a digital output module which will close a contact command. I believe the voltage at this pair of terminals is 5 volt DC.
Ideally a volt free switched contact switched by the controller

Hopefully you can help me with this problem.

(Eric) #2


MIMOLite has an input and an output, powered 9-16vdc


Thanks for the reply
I am using Internet for connection with the controller
Is there any vendor who has volt free contacts

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Do a search using the term “dry contact” which is the standard terminology for what you are calling volt free but @ero4444 gave you suggested product to look at already that appears to suits your needs. MIMOLite Z-Wave Mult-Input/Output Dry Contact Bridge Basically the MIMOLite is two devices in one, a single input which can be a dry contact (or analog 0-16vdc) and then a single SPDT output relay. MIMOLite user manual