Voice Report Not Fully Working with the AskAlexa Smartapp

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Voice Report Not Fully Working

I’ve created a Voice Report that contains two door sensors. Sensor one is a smartthings open/close sensor named “screen door” and the other is Z-Wave Plus garage tilt sensor named “garage double”. The voice report should tell the status of each door. The report will work with the smartthings sensor but not the Z-Wave. So if I call the voice report only the screen door is reported.

Both sensor will report correctly if I call them individually using ask alexa. I can say “ask smart things garage double status” and I get the correct status response. If I add the garage sensor to a Voice Report I get this error.

"The voice report, ‘garage status’, did not produce any output. Please check the configuration of the report within the SmartApp. "

I would need to understand what the sensor that is not working is sending. Does this use a generic open/close DTH or something specific. My guess about this is that it is a specific DTH that uses non-standard ways of communicating its status. Sometimes, honestly, it is as simply as Open vs open (upper case O) which is rather easy to fix.

Let me know and I can see what can be done.

The sensor does work in AskAlexa. If I issue an alexa command using AskAlexa like this “ask smart things garage double door status,*” I get the correct response “the garage double door is currently closed

It’s only if I use AskAlexa’s extension “Voice Reports” with the garage tilt sensor that does not work. Wouldn’t this extension’s code be able to see what the sensor is sending if “AskAlexa” can see it?

I have two garage doors and instead of having to AskAlexa the status of each door, it wold be nice to just ask once and get the status of both doors.

If there is something I can test or do to help find the problem, please let me know. I would really like this to work.

As for DHT generic or not, I could not tell you.

This is a popular ZWave device that works with smartthings and gets good reviews.
Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Garage Door Tilt Sensor

Thank you,

Fundamentally you are correct, but remember that ClOsEd sounds exactly like ‘closed’, but from a programmic level they are not equal in terms of value.

I would need to see the output of the live logging to determine what is going on. PM me with this (sending screenshots of the Live Logging) so I can at least determine what is going on. In addition, if you send a screenshot of the IDE section for the device I can determine if it is a generic DTH.

OK, I just discovered something. I was testing with the garage doors closed. When I opened the doors and tested I get the correct response. If any or all the doors are opened, I get a response telling me which door(s) are open and no status on closed doors which is fine.

But, If all the doors are closed though, I get this response “The voice report, ‘Garage Status’, did not produce any output. Please check the configuration of the report within the SmartApp.” Instead of this message, I would think it would be better to get a message that all the doors are closed or something like that. This message sounds like I am getting an error when all I want to know is if the door is open or closed.