Voice alert for water leak

Today about 3 am our water softener sprung a leak. The Samsung water leak sensor detected the leak as it should, and the Dome water shutoff valve closed as it should. I woke up at my usual time and saw the text message about a leak detected. By that time the water had been accumulating for about 3 hours. I have a GoControl Z-Wave siren but was hesitant to have it sound when a water leak was detected because it scares the heck out of my dogs. Is there a thing that will announce when certain events occur? It would be much nicer to be alerted with a voice rather than a siren. Something like my Next detector does. What would be ideal is if I could get an announcement on my Google Home and Google Home Mini when an event occurs.



Aeotec makes a z-wave doorbell device that can be loaded with custom mp3s and set to trigger by pretty much whatever you want (i.e. it doesn’t have to be used as a doorbell). It’s not as loud as a siren.

Can you use the Siren the same way or no?

You can use the Big Talker app. If you have a connected speaker. I don’t think google home counts.

I have a hue bulb in my bedroom for notifications while sleeping (I’m a light sleeper) 100% Blue for water leaks and 100% red for intruders

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Nope. The siren can only make a siren noise, actually a few noises, but they’re all various patterns of loud beeps. The doorbell can play whatever mp3 files you load onto it (it has a micro-usb port and can be connected to a PC).

Thanks. I think that might be one of my next additions.

I like my aeotec doorbell a lot. I actually use it as a doorbell, I haven’t come up with a compelling reason to load custom sounds onto it for announcements yet. But I do use it to trigger several other kinds of automations when someone is at my door.

Thanks for the tip about Big Talker. I can’t find it, and it appears it is no longer supported. Ir looks like Google Home was not on the list of devices.

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I think this is the most recent version.

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Great idea about changing colors. I am not a light sleeper so unless a floodlight was shining in my eyes, I wouldn’t notice it. If I was living alone, the siren would work. I showed my wife how to activate it through SmartThings in case she hears something go bump in the night.

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There is a 2.0 Alpha. I’ve been on the Alpha since forever. It is stable and I have no issues with it