Voger PTZ Outdoor Cameras

I’ve been using Foscam with Rboy integration into ST. Has anyone had any experience with Voger?

My preferred Foscam camera is the HT2, but at $150 per camera, I’m pretty judicious in where I place them.

This Voger is listed on Amazon at $50. I generally believe you get what you pay for, but this might be real.

(P.S. I really don’t care for Foscam’s software. It isn’t clean, doesn’t unload cleanly, and generally doesn’t have good user interface. Does anyone use any other software to get deep into the Foscam cameras?)

I use the Foscam app on Android. It has evolved a lot during the past years. But it is still not a match to the Internet Explorer extension which is a real pain in the…

But the Android app supports now downloading clips from the camera. They recently added NVR support which is a huge step compared to the Foscam NVR app. You can enable Alexa and Google Home integration as well and stream video to displays.

I think it works well, and far more better developed than the SmartThings app. :wink:

I use otherwise some cheap TP-Link Tapo cameras as well. If you can find an outdoor version with PTZ, that might be the right choice. (Unfortunately they work only on Wifi, no Ethernet connector, but out of the box support microSD cards, and no need to open the enclosure like on some Foscam cameras.)

Edit: Actually the C310 outdoor camera supports Ethernet with an adaptor. But it is not PTZ.