Vocolinc / Linkwise App Integration

I’m double checking to see if anyone has seen anything about the Vocolinc light bulbs / plugs working with ST. I was under the self-generated opinion that Vocolinc was a fairly popular cloud based brand for light bulbs. If not, I suppose I’ll try to find the time to grab the SDK and get cracking. A couple years ago, I had volunteered some time to their developers to chase down some bugs with a network packet sniffer. I’ll dig up that thread and reach back out. I’ll update this thread if anything comes of it.


Hello, any progress so far on integration of Vocolinc lights? I see VOCOlinc now has the LS2 Smart LED Light Strip, which I’m hoping I can integrate into my home automation with SmartThings and Homekit. The strips have native Homekit support, but I didn’t see any native SmartThings supported, even though it has all the other platforms supported (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.)

SmartGlow Wi-Fi Light Strip – LS2 (US only) - VOCOlinc

I now have 2 set of the Vocolinc LS2 Smart LED and I would love to be able to control these in Smartthings app…pls help!