VLC Thing Notify with SOund Custom Phrases

(Arun Nayar) #1

I installed vlc thing following the instructions. I then setup the speaker notify with sound smartapp and tried to play a custom phrase at a scheduled time. When the time came I got an error in vlc saying unable to open "http://s3.amazon….mp3

Looks like it is not able to do the transcribe or something?

What am I missing here?

(Joe) #2

Are you hosting the file on s3.Amazon? If so, make sure the file name and path to it are correct. Sorry I am not using VLC thing, but the error leads me to believe the file can’t be found.

(Arun Nayar) #3

I got it to work. The problem was with the version I was using. I uninstalled and installed the latest version, since check for update was not getting me the newer version. It works great now. I set it to do notify with sound when someone is at the front door.