Smart Home Monitor all of a sudden doesn't recognize VLC Thing as an audio player

So for months Smart Home Monitor audio notification was able to work with VLC Thing. Today I tested one of my water sensor and I did not get a voice notification. I went into SHM Leak setup, selected Audio Notifications, deselected my existing VLC Thing, then tried to select it again but got the error “None of the selected audio devices support text to speech notifications.” I’m using version 1.2.2 of VLC Thing. Speaker Notify with Sound continues to work, so it’s probably not my VLC Setup.

I’ve noticed that too. VLC can be selected as an audio device in “Security” section, but not in “Leaks” or “Smoke”. @slagle, any idea why?

Possibly related to this?

yes, I came here too for the same reason. the audio notification stopped working for my leak sensors, so I removed them and now I can’t add them back. i thought it was because I was using Sonos speakers but they are working as audio notifications for Security, just not Smoke, Leaks, or Custom.

Have you opened an issue with

Of course I did but its the same thing every time. Runaround silly steps that waste more time and take even more time to put everything back, then they are stumped and run out of ideas so they promise to escalate, then nothing, no communication, so I check back and find out that the engineers at ST have more important things to worry about, and a year later, nothing but crickets.
I have worked in tech support on various levels for over 20 years and I am amazed at the lack of comprehension of the trouble before providing steps to resolve, lack of accountability of resolution, no or bad communication, no follow thru, and lack of accountability. So this time, I reported it, wasted more time doing the same things i have already tried and gotten the same apology and offer to escalate, so I won’t hold my breath this time either. So today, I have to spend about an hour adding all the things back that I removed yesterday. I give up.

Tagging @slagle. Multiple users report SHM audio notifications stopped working and support is clueless. Any ideas? Thanks.

Specifically in SHM or everywhere?

SHM for me. Speaker Notify with Sound still works fine.

Ok, nothing has changes with SHM in nice November so my idea of there being a simple solution is shot.

Gonna have to dig into platform code.

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Sonos speaker work elsewhere in the ST app but they ONLY appear as Audio Players in Security for SHM. When trying to configure them for Smoke and Leaks, I get “None of the selected audio devices support text to speech notifications”

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Even though this post was created on Dec 16th, it could have stopped working since November. It’s one of those things that could go unnoticed for weeks because you only notice when there’s a leak/smoke/intrusion.

Ok, some more digging is required. Nothing on the surface.

Funny thing is the audio notifications is a child app and all three (Security, Leaks, Smoke) all use the same child app… So this is some weird thing lol…

For me:

SHM Security:
I can select VLC Thing as an Audio Player, but it doesn’t matter because it always shows the error “None of the selected audio devices support text to speech notifications.”

SHM Smoke/Leaks:
I cannot select an Audio Player, it just shows the error “None of the selected audio devices support text to speech notifications.”

SHM Custom:
No issues

Speaker Notify with Sound:
No issues

Ok, so we found two bugs in our traipsing of the code.

This one

and this one

We have fixes in the works and depending on QA load we will get it out asap. Expect Tuesday for a fix but if it goes out sooner I will let you know.


Thank you for looking into this and for the quick response.

Thank you for the quick response!

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Same for me. Except I have tried with two diff Sonos speakers and VLC Thing. it was working for me until recently. I noticed it when I changed batteries in a leak sensor and tested it. I got a push notification but no sound notification.

Yeah, it’s unfortunate that SmartThings still does not implement comprehensive regression testing and bugs like that can go unnoticed for months. Oh well… :frowning:

Any updates? Will this fix be released soon?

I updated ST to the latest version today, and I was able to add VLC Thing back as an Audio Player in Audio Notification. I added it to Security, Smoke, and Leaks. However, when I tested Smoke and Leak, nothing got announced. There seems to be still an issue…

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