Vlc thing as alarm clock?

I have VLC thing set up with big talker and it works great for voice announcements. But I am trying to have it play an audio file in the morning after reading me the weather to wake me up. There is a Smart app called talking alarm clock but when I try to set it up with VLC thing it ask what Music track I want to play and there are none. I assume this would be you Sonos library or stations. But using VLC thing how do I emulate this experience.

Thanks in advance for your help.

You can use BigTalker for this. Just configure a “Time” event, set the day(s), Time of day and the phrase. The phrase could be “Good morning, %weathertoday%”.

Big Talker 2.0 (development) release can also play web hosted MP3 files (although it can’t be mixed with another phrase, prefixed or appended at this time) using the phrase token (variable): “%mp3(url)%” where url is the http/https:// path to a hosted mp3 file.