Replacing an Insteon Keypad

I’m switching my house over from Indigo/Insteon to SmartThings (I’ve been waiting way too long for Indigo to get better on iOS).

I can replace most of my switches easily (albeit expensively), but I have one of these ( that is in our bedroom. I use it to set reading lamps on, and for one of the buttons to open/close the garage door. The garage door sensor illuminates the light if its open.

Is there any switch similar to z-wave where I can programmatically control the LED?

I just asked the same question here

There are other ones that have 6 buttons like the INSTEON one. But, I unfortunately have not seen a whole lot of support these type of devices in ST yet.

I’d love to see vizia support!

Maybe on one of these?
GE 45631 Z-Wave Wireless Keypad Controller

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