Vista Automation Module with New App

In SmartThings Classic, I had a device handler with 2 custom tiles that simply called functions that I wrote that called endpoints on my VAM, which in turn armed and disarmed my system. It worked fantastic. I did not care (and still do not care) about the current status since pressing a tile was an idempotent action.

Using the new app, my tiles are gone. I have tried futzing around with capabilities in my device handler on, but i just get empty cloud icons because every capability I have tried is asking for a status.

Is it possible to have my setup using SmartThings New App? I just want 2 idempotent buttons. No care about status.

So I just set a status for a door capability in the installed() function, and I now have a button to click. However, I get a network error toast on the app. It seems to be executing in the cloud according to the device listing. How do I change that? Using classic, the IP I provide works fine and the web call is local within my LAN.

Hi there! Can you share your DTH source code, and a screen capture of the error at the mobile app, please?