Visible condition with Embedded Configs

Trying to use visibleCondition along with embedded configs. These are the configs you can add directly into the device profile. Is visible condition allowed for embedded defintions:

  - id: main
      - id: switch
        version: 1
      - id: switchLevel
        version: 1
            component: main
            capability: switch
            version: 1
            value: switch.value
            valueType: string
            operator: EQUALS
            operand: 'on'

In the example above, just tried to show/hide the switchLevel based on the status of the switch.

Hi, @blueyetisoftware!
Someone asked about these configurations and here I put the feedback from the team:

Basically, not all embedded configurations will take effect because it’s a work in progress, that’s why it isn’t documented yet.

Thanks. I actually did see documentation for it, which is why I started messing with it. Just not sure if visibleCondition is allowed. All of the examples change values and that its all I have seen work so far.


Aah right, this was the update from last week. I’ll ask the team again to see if there’s an update or visibleCondition is still not supported.

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Hi, @blueyetisoftware
Following up, I confirmed with the team that visibleCondition isn’t supported yet in the embedded configurations.

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