Virtual Switch Timer Problem

I have installed a Virtual Switch with a simple function, turning on immediately with Auto Turn Off function after a a delay. They were all working fine for a few months. Recently probably due to self updated software of the mesh system ( Samsung Connect Home ET WV521), many malfunctions occured. After reinitialisations, rewriting the same codes over, reinstall apps, etc, all functions returned. However the timers still malfunction. That is if less than 14 Sec then work properly as intended, but if more than 14 secs, the virtual switch will turn on forever instead of Auto turned off. Any advice ?

@HalD reported a similar issue with the recent hub firmware update kicking all of his virtual timers out of their loops. But I believe he just had to go back and re-initiate the initial trigger on his.

The 14 second threshold sounds like a different problem, though. What automation are you using to create that delay? Is it just the standard custom automation creator in the new V3 app? Or something else?

If it’s the custom automation creator, definitely report it to support, that sounds like an official feature bug. :disappointed_relieved:

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Just an educated guess that firmware update and resulting hub reboot caused this. I’ll be watching more carefully on next firmware update.

Re-initializing the triggering virtual switch for me going again.

My timers are all using the power allowance feature in Smart Lighting. Running on a v2 hub.

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This problem was relayed to the Samsung ST Support. Was confirmed to be a system bug reported by other users too. Hopefully will be resolved by the next software upgrade. Thanks to all who responded to my earlier


Did support ask you the make and model of your virtual switch as was reported by another user here?



No, they told me the 14 Sec limit problem was also reported. This problem can be readily simulated with any Samsung Connect System widely available in Singapore. Detail as follow

Create a custom automation with a Virtual switch when triggered, say by a motion detector, will turn on then auto OFF after a preset timing.

If timing is set to less than 14 Sec then will work well as intended, will turn on then off after say 14sec upon triggered. If set to more than 14 sec, the virtual switch will be permanently turned on, unable to switch off unless manually.

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This issue seems to be affecting all timer based smartapps. Any idea on update?

Ok. Thanks for letting us know