Strange virtual switch issue

I have some issue with ST’s virtual switch.
I created a virtual switch to control 2 lights.
It works most of the time.
But sometimes one of the lights can not be turned on/off after turning the virtual switch on/off.
This is not an issue of the smart plugs connected to the lights.
Even when I created a (top) virtual switch to control 10 (bottom) virtal switches (no association with real lights), same issue occurs sometimes where a radom bottom vitrual switch may not be switched on/off.
Has anyone seen this issue?

I haven’t seen this issue. What smartapp are you using for control?

i am using just the Smartthings App and Smartthings Classic App.

– James

Ok, but but are you using a SmartApp, like Smart Lighting, or an Automation rule to keep your virtual and real switches in sync?

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I used Automation rule to configure the trigger and actions.
Today, I removed the rule and use Smart Lighting instead.

After trying at least 100 times, I still haven’t observed the issue yet.

Does it makes any difference between Automation rule and Smart Lighting?

– James

The two are completely different, and they each have their own issues and capabilities. I use both depending upon what I’m trying to do, especially device mirroring.

Initially Smart Lighting wasn’t available in the new app, and then it eventually became available because I believe ST realized the capabilities it delivered filled gaps that Automations couldn’t do yet.

No issues here … and I use lots of V switchs… What I found sometimes is that deleting an automation rule and adding back again will resolve any trigger issues…