Virtual momentary button and Tile Failing

Anyone else having problems with their virtual momentary button tiles? I have a few recently that have been getting stuck in the pushed position.

One of them activate night mode for me. And when my house mode goes into Home mode automatically 6:01 AM, it did not going to home mode. Because my night mode virtual button was pushed and stuck on pushed. Once I unstuck it everything was fine. These problems didn’t start happening until early March when the SHM issues started.

Same here…every once in a while one appears ‘on’, which is strange for a momentary button as it is normally off…

yes it happens to me also

Yeah, I’ve seen it several times… It never affected anything in my system.

Sigh…this actually happened today to a real switch. The ironic part is that it shows on in ST, but it wasn’t really on. Looking at the log as well, there was nothing pushing or triggering…it just decided it would show on for some reason :frowning:

Is anybody having problems with virtual buttons staying depressed in the app? I have a few that periodically stay “pushed”. I have to push them again to fix them.

One of them activates night mode, so when my home mode was supposed to automatically happen at 6:01am, it didn’t because my momentary button for night mode was depressed. I had to unstick it first to put my house in home mode.

This issue arose for me about the same time Smartthings started having having all the SHM issues earlier in March.

Did anyone ever get anything figured out with this? It’s quite the hassle for me but strangely enough, I still only see it on my virtual momentary switches.


That makes it even more of a crazy conundrum because one would think those few lines of code should run in the same predictable manner every time and under no circumstances give me a “sticky” virtual switch every now & again at total random intervals.

I have an issue with my virtual button that controls an entrywall light. It hasn’t caused issues specifically, but the behavior I see is that it will turn on the light, but since the light has two bulbs, it ends up dimming them in a loop without turning them off. If I turn them off by the bulb, it’s fine.

I’m a few lighting rules I just use the actual bulbs instead of the switch and it’s been even less of a problem now that I have GH and an Echo Dot controlling it.